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Julian Clary said Dale Winton was “ever so happy”

The TV presenter died in his home last month

By Steve Brown

Julian Clary will remember the late Dale Winton as the “ever so happy” man he knew.

Dale  – who is best known for the quiz show Supermarket Sweep – died in his home last month at the age of 62 but his cause of death has yet to be announced.

And Clary – who had a close relationship with the TV presenter – admitted he “couldn’t believe his luck” and will always have fond memories of him.

He told Gay Star News at the NatWest British LGBT Awards: “I don’t think I worked with him but I was quite good friends with him.

“He was just a lovely man. He was exactly as he seemed [on TV].

“It sounds condescending to say he couldn’t believe his luck. But he was so sort of pleased with life.

“He was ever so happy when I knew him. So, I remember him like that really.”

Renowned for his quick wit and infectiously upbeat presenting style, Dale has been one of the most prominent LGBT faces on British TV over the last 15 years.

The TV presenter came out in his 2002 autobiography and said in an interview in 2008 why he never came out earlier was because no one had ever asked him about his sexual orientation before.

Dale was also known for presenting Family Fortunes and In It To Win It as well as most recently Channel 5’s Dale Winton’s Florida Fly Drive.