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ISIS rape gay men as punishment for homosexuality, according to former member

By Will Stroude

Images of men being thrown to their deaths as punishment for suspected homosexuality has become one of the defining features of ISIS occupation in the Middle East. However, according to one former ISIS member, rape is also used as a punishment by the extremist group.

Kamandar Bakhtiar, a former member of the so-called Islamic State’s Afghanistan branch, spoke about some of the punishments he witnessed during his time with the terror group in a video interview published by The Daily Caller.

“During the three months I spent in the ranks of ISIS, I saw the worst things one can imagine on the face of the Earth,” He revealed to the United Arab Emirate’ Alaan TV on September 7.

“They kill and behead innocent people, plunder the property of regular people, and they do the worst possible things, such as raping homosexuals.”

He added: “All these things run counter to Islam. I was very upset by these deeds, but there was nothing I could do.”

Severe punishments for men accused of homosexuality are commonplace in ISIS-controlled territories. According to reports boys as young as 15 have been executed for alleged homosexuality.

In June this year, ISIS praised the deadly attack on gay nightclub, Pulse, which killed 49 people and injured 53 more.

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