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Instagram bans account promoting body positivity despite other accounts posting similar images

The MeatZine publish a calendar to redefine what it is to be a sexy gay man

By Steve Brown

A group that aims to promote body positivity amongst gay men has had their Instagram page suspended.

The MeatZine has published its Naked Calendar each year since 2010 in a bid to promote body positivity in the gay community and was organised by Adrian Lourie who said his pictures attempt “to redefine what it is to be a sexy gay man.

However, Instagram has ruled that their social media account breaches their policies on male nudity – despite allowing other accounts to post similar pictures.

This is not the first time the MeatZine account has been suspended after it amassed 15,000 followers and Adrian worked hard to build up that following again to 3,500.

Adrian said: “So, Meat’s ethos has always been to champion body positivity amongst gay men, because male beauty standards are often narrowly defined, and unrepresentative of ‘regular’ guys.

“The zine allows our followers and fans to celebrate and own their unique beauty, no matter their age, race, body shape or type.

“Instagram isn’t just a way to promote Meat but allows a space for our fans and followers to see themselves as others see them.

“The most recent banning of our account is confusing, given that we have been so careful to censor our posts.

“We’ve also noticed that there are other Instagram users posting nude male images of a similar style and content to Meat, or in some cases, showing more provocative images than we do, which has added to the confusion, as we cannot understand why Meat in particular seems to have been targeted.”

This isn’t the first account to have its account suspended after the Warwick Rowers and the Greeks Come True accounts were also removed earlier this year.