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Homophobic politician claims he didn’t see a gay person until he was 50 – despite having a gay brother

Bob Katter also claimed that being gay is now a 'fashion trend'

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A homophobic politician has claimed he never heard of a ‘homosexual person’ despite his brother coming out when he was 18.

While on the campaign trail for Australia’s upcoming federal election, Queensland MP Bob Katter – who has a history of anti-LGBT comments – was questioned by a reporter about his awareness of same-sex marriage.

Katter previously claimed that there are no LGBT+ people in his electorate despite around 595 same-sex marriages were registered in Queensland within six months of marriage equality.

And now, according to the Dalby Mail Australia, Katter claimed being gay is a “fashion trend” and that he never heard of a gay person up until the age of 50 despite having an openly gay half-brother, Carl.

He said: “In my whole life up to 50, I had never seen or heard of a homosexual person.

“Now, it’s fashionable. It’s just like a fashion trend – tomorrow there’s be another fashion.

“I just don’t want to waste any time on it.”

Carl reportedly came out when he was just 18 and has since go on to become an LGBT+ rights advocate and joined the push for marriage equality in Australia, despite his half-brother campaigning against it.