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Greenland becomes 25th country to legalise equal marriage

By Will Stroude

Less than a week after Ireland’s historic referendum, Greenland has become the world’s 25th country to legalise equal marriage.

The Arctic nation’s parliament voted unanimously to adopt Danish laws legalising equal marriage yesterday (May 26), making it the fourth country to do so in 2015 alone, after Finland, Slovenia and Ireland.


An autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark, Greenland adopted the country’s domestic partnerships law in 1996, but did not do the same when it legalised equal marriage in 2012.

The vote was passed in parliament by a vote of 27-0 with two abstentions, with the new law coming into effect on October 1. Unconfirmed reports have also suggested that same-sex adoption has also been legalised.

Part of the North American continent, Greenland is the least densely-populated country on earth, with a population of 57,000.

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