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Gay Tory MP says some LGBTQs ‘look for grievance’ while others ‘get on with stuff’

"I don’t look for it" Rowley said of homophobia, adding of his sexuality: "I don't necessarily need to talk about it every five minutes"

By Emily Maskell

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures:

Gay Tory MP Lee Rowley has said some LGBTQ people “look for grievance.”

Speaking in a GB News interview on Tuesday (3 May), the MP for North East Derbyshire described himself as a “pretty black and white person,” with the Industry Minister also telling reporter Gloria De Piero his sexuality is “not a big part of my political approach.”

“I’m proud of who I am,” he continued, adding he doesn’t “necessarily need to talk about it [his sexuality] every five minutes.”

He did, however, acknowledge that his sexuality is important. 

Rowley claimed to have “never” experienced homophobia in his constituency due to the fact “we are warm, open, tolerant and inclusive [there]”.

He added: “I don’t look for it. I think there’s a tendency over the past few years where people are starting to look for grievance. They’re starting to look for problems.”

In a clip of the GB News interview shared on Twitter, Rowley says: “A lot of the gay community just get on with stuff, who don’t necessarily need to talk about it every five minutes and I think I’m one of those.”

“I’m very proud of who I am and proud of who I love…. but ultimately in politics, the other stuff is the thing I went into politics for, the ideas, the values, the trying to change the constituency and beyond,” he continues. 

The interview rounds out with Rowley stating: “Life is full of things which don’t work out, where there are problems, where there’s even unfairness, and you should try and work on those but I don’t think you can build a society or build your life on grievance.”

Disagreeing with Rowley’s statement, stand up comic Susie McCabe quote-tweeted GB News’ social media clip to say: “Change has never been brought about by not being visible and fighting for equality… We all have an obligation to smooth the road in front of us for future generations while benefiting from the bravery of those before us. Outrageous.”