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Gay pastor marries partner after his relationship cost him his job

By Micah Sulit

A pastor in Michigan married his partner yesterday, just days after he was forced to resign for being in a gay relationship.

For three years, Reverend Benjamin Hutchison was the pastor of a United Methodist Church in Cassopolis, Michigan. Earlier this week, he was given no choice but to step down from his beloved post after a bishop received a report that he had a partner.


Hutchison, who legally took his partner’s last name in 2013, is openly gay and his congregation knew it. However, church leaders made it clear that if he didn’t step down, he would be fired.

“I knew there would be a chance I’d be fired,” Hutchison told news channel WSBT 22. “I’ve never been shy about it, and I won’t hide from it.”

Hutchison tied the knot with his partner Monty in front of over 30 clergy members and 100 guests, Michigan-based MLive reported.

The pastor told the news outfit, “Walking around the courthouse and seeing all the support, seeing all clergy there gathered standing there saying that they support it, they’re not opposed to it, it really was a blessing today.”