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Gay man allegedly attacked after leaving a bar in West Hollywood

By Fabio Crispim

According to NBC Los Angeles

, 27-year-old Brandon Ackridge allegedly suffered an assault after leaving a gay bar in West Hollywood.

Upon leaving Mickey’s bar on Saturday (May 28), Ackridge said he blacked out and then woke up in an intensive care unit with his body and face covered in bruises.

Ackridge works as a bartender and go-go dancer in West Hollywood and believes someone had dropped something into his drink before he was assaulted.

“I remember coming out of the doors and that’s the last thing I recall,” he told KNBC.

“The doctor said when he did my blood test the things that showed up in my blood were consistent with date-rape drugs. The reason they don’t think I fell is there’s no scrapes. it’s all clean bruises on both sides all the way down my body.”

He continues to say that he wasn’t sure if he was targeted because he was gay, but he’s now worried after hearing about similar attacks in West Hollywood.

“Someone posted on my page that someone got beaten up by the Abbey the same night I did,” he said.

Ackridge also said he wants to see more security patrolling around the bar district.

“It makes me want to stay home,” he said. “It shouldn’t be like this. This is a beautiful place.”

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