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Gay Fox News pundit likens being trans to thinking you’re a cocker spaniel

By Aaron Tamazou

Fox News pundit Tammy Bruce has slammed the use of a book about transgender girl Jazz Jennings as ‘social engineering’ in a Maine Primary School.

Horace Mitchell Primary School came under fire recently after a lesson implemented by the US’s guidance department for kindergartners through third grade incorporated the book I Am Jazz to its curriculum, a book by Jessica Herthel and Jazz Jennings documenting the experience of a young child “with a boy’s body but a girl’s brain” and her journey towards accepting her transgender identity.


Jennings, whom the book is based on, is a 14-year-old activist who reportedly identified as transgender before she entered kindergarten.

Bruce, herself a lesbian contributor to Fox News, announced she was not impressed by the inclusion of the book in the schools lesson plan in a recent ‘Fox and Friends’ interview, arguing it was an example of “the projection of our issues as adults onto children.”

“At one point when I was a child,” she said, “I thought I was a cocker spaniel, and there’s a point when we have these fantasies where we think we’re Superman, where we can fly, where we’re the cat. This is childhood.”

The school’s Superintendent Allyn Hutton told Seacost Online that most parents were supportive of the lesson, but did release a statement in the wake of the controversy – which one mother of a Mitchell student criticised in a blog post – acknowledging that parents should have been informed before the introduction of a ‘sensitive’ topic like transgender issues.