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Gay couple forced to give up adopted baby after 12 days hit back at judge’s ruling

"Our feeling is that there is a veiled prejudice because we are a homosexual couple."

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Pexels

A gay couple in Brazil forced to give up a baby they adopted after 12 days have back at what they call the “veiled prejudice” of the judge’s ruling.

Juliano Peixoto de Pina and Johnatan Pereira de Araujo adopted Ana Sofia and renamed her Aurora last year, after waiting six years to become dads.

However, on 1 October their guardianship was suspended and they were made to return Ana to the foster family who had cared for her beforehand, with a judge citing the “strong bond” between her and the foster mother.

According to reports, one or more of Ana’s biological family are drug addicts.

“We are qualified”

“Our feeling is that there is a veiled prejudice because we are a homosexual couple,” Juliano claimed to local media [as per The Sun].

“We are qualified for adoption. The law supports us.”

The Sun also reports that the foster mother, Thays Veiga Miranda, says she is the child’s godmother.

She claims she knows the child’s biological family and told local media: “She is my daughter, regardless of blood ties.”

Juliano and Johnatan have been fighting in court to have the decision reversed, while the foster mother says she is undertaking the necessary proceedings to adopt Ana.

The couple’s next hearing is on the 15 March.

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