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Gareth Thomas says his husband has been a ‘beacon of light’ after revealing HIV diagnosis

Gareth and Stephen married in 2016

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Gareth Thomas says his husband Stephen has been a ‘beacon of light’ after revealing he is living with HIV.

The Welsh rugby star was forced to reveal his HIV status earlier this month after a tabloid newspaper threatened to publish it.

After Thomas – who came out as gay in 2009 – revealed his diagnosis, HIV charity The Terrence Higgins Trust said that they had seen a spike in engagement online and said the former rugby player is already helping to end stigma around the virus.

And now, while speaking to OK!, Thomas said his marriage to Stephen, who he married in 2016, has become unbreakable because of what he has been through.

He said: “He has been a beacon of light for me. Stephen was the only reason I got through the dark times.

“I think our relationship is unbreakable because of what I’ve been through.”

Stephen also spoke to the magazine and said because his husband revealed his HIV diagnosis he will be saving people’s lives.

“I genuinely think it’s going to save people’s live,” Stephen added.

“I was trying to support him and hold him, but it was the most horrible time.

“I just thought, ‘How can somebody put him in that position?’ It was just horrendous.”