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Four men arrested over alleged homophobic attack in Texas

The four men have been charged with aggravated assault

By Steve Brown

Four men have been arrested over an alleged homophobic attack in Austin, Texas.

Spencer Deehring and his partner Tristan Perry were out celebrating a friend’s birthday on January 18 and after leaving a club, a man started hurling homophobic abuse at them seeing the couple holding hands.

They then confronted the man, but he then followed with a group of his friends and started attacking the couple.

One of the men then allegedly punched Perry in his face and when he fell to his knees, the gang continued to kick him.

Deehring then attempted to protect his boyfriend but was knocked unconscious by one of the attackers.

Perry suffered a broken nose, chipped teeth and facial bruising as well as having a cut to the back of his head and suffered from memory loss.

The couple were both taken to hospital for treatment and they said they had filed a police report.

Now police have confirmed that four men have been arrested following the attack.

Frank, his brother Miguel Macias, Quinn O’Connor and Kolby Monnell were arrested over the attack, KXAN reported.

All four have been charged with aggravated assault and are currently being held on a collective $300,000 bond.