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Drag Queen Meth’s Instagram account mysteriously deleted

By Fabio Crispim

Meth, a drag queen based in London, has had her Instagram account deleted mysteriously.

No explanation has been offered as of yet, but Meth has attempted contacting the social media platform, with no success.

Meth has been on the drag scene for eight years and appeared in the TV show Drag Queens of London. 

Speaking to Gay Star News, Meth said:

“I tried to log into Instagram to be told my account had been disabled for ‘violating their community standards’ [and] no specific reason beyond that.”

When an Instagram user has been banned, they are given the option to fill out an online form if they feel the action was a mistake. Meth had filled the form in three times.

“It went from being disabled to simply saying, ‘User not found’ whenever I tried to log on.”

Alongside Meth, her fans have expressed their dismay over Instagram’s action.

“Some may think it’s silly to get annoyed about a social media account… but it was my professional page and one of my main resources for promotion and engaging with my fan base.”

She adds, “It’s just disheartening… [to] have no way of us being able to hold them accountable for actions like this.”

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