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Damon Baker hits back at Instagram after images of Antoni Porowski in underwear are removed

Instagram allegedly claimed the images contained pornography

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Photographer Damon Baker has hit back at Instagram after his images of Antoni Porowski allegedly breached the social media site’s nudity guidelines.

Baker – who also shot Attitude’s Troye Sivan, Ian McKellen, Rami Malek and Edward Enninful covers – posted seven images of the Queer Eye resident chef wearing nothing but his Calvin Klein underwear.

Although no nudity was shown, Instagram removed his images as they allegedly featured pornography.

Taking to his Instagram story, Baker wrote: “There was nothing pornographic or nude about my pictures of Antoni but Instagram deleted the post so now I’m sad and upset.

“WTF is so offensive about a human body? We all have one!”

One of the images featured Antoni with his hands down his pants and we can only assume – since Antoni’s images from the shoot are still on his profile – that it was simply because of this said image.

Luckily, Baker took to Twitter to post the images on his account.

Instagram has crackdown on profiles displaying the slightest bit on homoeroticism after Warwick Rowers, Greeks Come True and MeatZine accounts – as well as an image of two men kissing was removed – all being banned this year, despite the fact that certain celebrities – Kardashians come to mind – are able to post anything and everything.