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Dale Winton abused by three boyfriends, says friend Garry Bushell

The TV presenter never got over a bad break-up a few years ago

By Steve Brown

Dale Winton was abused by at least three boyfriends, according to his close friend Garry Bushell.

Tragically the 62-year-old TV presented died earlier last week and although he had previously spoken about his battle with depression and struggling with a difficult break-up, his close friend and journalist said he would often “pour his heart out” about past boyfriends.

While speaking to the Daily Star, Garry said: “He would pour his heart out about his boyfriends – at least three abused him.

“In later years he fought debilitating depression. He [was] self-medicating. The last time we visited his US home he had enough pills to stock a pharmacy.”

The two became close friends when they first met on Celebrity Squares 25 years ago and Dale went on to become Garry’s daughter’s godfather.

Although his cause of death has yet to be announced, another friend – who wished to remain anonymous – said Dale never got over a break-up a few years ago.

They said: “He had a bad shake in both hands.

“He told me he had never got over a bad break-up a few years ago and was feeling terrible.

“He told me his ex was the one and the only one for him. Looking back, it was pretty obvious he was referring to the relationship that caused him to go into a dark place.”

Renowned for his quick wit and infectiously upbeat presenting style, Dale has been one of the most prominent LGBT faces on British TV over the last 15 years.

The TV presenter came out in his 2002 autobiography and said in an interview in 2008 why he never came out earlier was because no one had ever asked him about his sexual orientation before.