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Dad interrupts son while he’s putting on makeup – and his reaction will make your day

Parenting goals.

By Will Stroude

You know the set-up: Teenage boy is experimenting with make-up in his bedroom, dad stumbles in unnannounced…

But this is 2018, y’all, and one young make-up blogger has shared the uplifting exchange that followed this exact set-up – and it’ll warm your heart.

18-year-old Andrew Edgerton from Arizona was casually recording a special make-up tutorial for Pride when his dad Glenn walked in.

Upon seeing his son painted for the Gods in hot pink eyeshadow, Glenn lost it, in the best way possibly.




 “That looks so freakin’ awesome!” he can be heard telling his blushing son. “Damn!”

Andrew later shared the outtake from his tutorial on Twitter, writing: “why is my dad the sweetest most supportive person ever im crying”.

He later told Buzzfeed: “My dad is always very supportive of me and my makeup!

“It’s so important for parents of children in the LGBTQ community to receive support at home.”

The adorable clip has been retweeted more than 77,000 times, as people rushed to praise Glenn’s positive and supportive parenting.

“I had no idea it was going to get so much attention,” Andrew said.

Check out some of the reactions below – here’s to you, Glenn.

h/t cocktailsandcocktalk