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Comedian Jerrod Carmichael feels ‘freer’ since coming out in HBO special

The 34-year-old comedian came out during his HBO special, Rothaniel.

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The American comedian Jerrod Carmichael has said he feels “freer” since coming out as gay. 

He publicly came out during his HBO special Rothaniel, which premiered last month.

Appearing on the US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday (12 May) Jerrod, 34, discussed opening up about himself

“I think I feel freer”

Jerrod told Kimmel: “I think I feel freer. I think it’s kind of a universal experience, I found out, after coming out, I realised a lot of people are in the closet about something. Through the process. It’s inhibiting.

“I realised I take better pictures since coming out because I’m not worried about looking gay. Was I not smiling because smiling is gay? So silly,” he continued.

Jerrod also reveals he felt alone for a long time and that he felt like a liar. The comedian also said he’s trying to live more truthfully now.

“It’s like being in, you know, A.A. or something. Like, one day at a time. Like, I didn’t lie today. Today I didn’t lie, it’s okay.”

He added: “A lie begets more lies and it’s all you can think about – at least me, it’s all I can think about, the things I’m not saying. I don’t like not being myself.”

In his HBO special Jerrod said: “At many points, I thought I’d rather die than confront the truth of that, to actually say it to people because I know it changes some people’s perceptions of me. I can’t control that.”

The comedian then went on to host Saturday Night Live in April where he referenced coming out joking he’d been “gay for like 48 hours”. 

Watch Jerrod’s full interview with Jimmy Kimmel below:

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