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Christian school expels student for wearing a rainbow shirt and eating a rainbow cake

Kayla Kenny was celebrating her 15th birthday when she was expelled by her school

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

A teenager was expelled after she wore a rainbow shirt and had a rainbow birthday cake.

Whitefield Academy, in Kentucky, expelled Kayla Kenny after her mother, Kimberly Alford, posted a picture of the teenage on Facebook where she is seen celebrating her 15thbirthday while wearing a rainbow jumper and enjoying a rainbow cake.

Speaking to WAVE, Alford said: “She was happy; she looked beautiful.

“You know, of course as a mom, I took her picture of her blowing out her candles and I posted that on my Facebook page.”

The image was then shared to faculty members of the Christian institution and Dr Bruce Jacobson – head of the school – contacted Alford and told her Kayla had been expelled.

According to Jacobson, the attire and cake were the latest of Kyla’s ‘lifestyle violations’ over the course of two years.

“I feel judged, she feels judged, just very devastating for us,” Alford said.

According to the school’s code of conduct, students may be disciplined for off-campus behaviour.

After an appeal, Whitefield officials refused to meet with the family, but the school did change Kayla’s status from expulsion to voluntary withdrawal, which cleared her record. Now she is enrolled at a public school.

“You know we teach our kids what would Jesus do,” Alford said. “What would he do here?”