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Carmen Carrera wants Caitlyn Jenner to use her status to promote bigger trans issues

The RuPaul's Drag Race star thinks the reality TV star gets caught up in her celebrity

By Steve Brown

Carmen Carrera has urged Caitlyn Jenner to use her celebrity status to promote bigger trans issues.

Jenner will deliver a keynote diversity lecture to the UK government today but the RuPaul’s Drag Race star believes the former reality TV star’s life doesn’t reflect the “average life” of a transwoman and hopes she doesn’t get caught up in her status.

Speaking to TMZ, Carrera said: “If Caitlyn Jenner’s number one mission is to be the Mother Theresa of this community, she has to be educated on our real lives because we all know her life does not reflect the average life of a trans woman living in the world right now.

“Caitlyn Jenner should use her celebrity and her notoriety for bigger causes because, like, there are so many trans girls, like myself, who are struggling to have more opportunities in the work field, you know, so I think she should speak on that.

“She should shed light on all of our issues and really be that person and also Caitlyn Jenner needs to make herself available to us.

“I’ve been trying to call that lady for months and I’ve been doing a lot of the groundwork myself.

“I’ve been doing my duty as a small fry and it would feel nice if she lent her ears and her intention to what we are doing on the ground level.

“I respect her as a transwoman, I respect her as a leader, I respect her for wanting to take on this leadership role but I feel like she needs to be very prepared.

“I would hope that with the best intentions, if she goes to another country to speak on trans issues, she is fully aware, she is humble and she is not caught up in her celebrity because I feel like that’s a distraction to her bigger cause.”