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California Mayor wants to improve town by attracting ‘Asian population’, ‘the gays’

By Ross Semple

R. Rex Parris, Mayor of Lancaster, California has a somewhat unconventional plan to improve the town’s stature.

Lancaster, which Vice describes as being “best known for neo-Nazis and meth labs”, has the distinction of being named the worst Los Angeles suburb. Parris himself describes his city as being “ovverrun by gangs, children were literally being gunned down in our streets”.

The Republican Parris believes that Lancaster will succeed when Christians, lawyers and the government work together. He proclaims that the “power of prayer” will bring the town “back from the abyss”.

On the topic of what can be done to make Lancaster a better place to live, Parris has some interesting thoughts: “Good things happen when you’re able to increase your Asian population to a certain threshold: Crime rates go down, education levels go up,” Parris told Vice.

“Interestingly, the same thing happens with the gays. That’s why I put the new performing arts center right downtown.”

Because ‘the gays’ love them some theatre, and they are willing to go to a neo-Naxi, meth infested suburb to catch a great play.

No word on how Parris’ plan is working out for him, or whether the performing arts center will be putting on a production of Rent any time soon.

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