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Brick thrown through Angela Eagle’s window following leadership bid announcement

By Will Stroude

A window at Angela Eagle’s constituency office was smashed with a brick a few hours after the MP for Wallasey announced her challenge to Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour party.

Ms Eagle’s aids called the police at 9:55 am this morning (July 12), who arrived on the scene shortly after.

“Merseyside Police can confirm they were called to premises in Manor Road, Wallasey, today, Tuesday 12 July, following reports of criminal damage,” the spokesman said.

“It is believed that between 5pm last night (Monday) and 9am today, damage was caused to the front ground floor window of an office. Pictures from Liverpool Echo News Jounsalist Lorna Hughes reveal the damage.

According to the Telegraph, “a message was also left on her House of Commons office answer phone system, which staff picked up on Tuesday morning, calling Ms Eagle a “f****** b****”.

Current Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has called for “calm” and “dignity” from Labour members in the wake of the incident, condemning the damage as a “threatening act”.

Watch Helen Osgood, a Senior Case Worker for Ms Eagle explain the impact that the recent abuse and damage to property has had.

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