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Boxer James Hawley says sacking after anti-gay rant ‘unfair’: ‘I have a cousin who is gay’

The 21-year-old British middleweight boxer described gay men and trans people as "dirty c**ts".

By Will Stroude

Boxer James Hawley, who was dropped by his management company this week over a vile TikTok video in which he declared gay men and transgender people were “dirty c**ts”, says his sacking is “unfair”.

The abhorrent footage saw the 21-year-old British middleweight boxer reply to the question ‘Do you support LGBT [people] by saying: “What on earth makes you want to change your gender or get f****d in the a***”.

“What is up with you dirty c**ts. I feel sorry for your families.”

After being swiftly axed by leading sports management company MTK Global, Hawley posted a decidedly unapologetic ‘apology’ video on Instagram saying he posted the video “out of anger” after receiving “inappropriate videos and messages” from some gay men.

“Last night I’d hit a brick wall, and I’d had enough of all the messages and disgusting, disturbing images that I was being sent by a few members of the gay community. And I lashed out and said a few things I didn’t mean”, he said.

“I have friends who are gay, I also have a cousin who is gay, so I never meant anything by it and I’m sorry for who I offended.”

“At the same time, how would you like it if members of the gay public on a day to day basis were sending you inappropriate videos and messages, basically abusing you.

“If this happened to a girl, it would be a completely different situation [and there would be] massive action taken towards the people who were sending her abuse and inappropriate things.

“Also, on the the other hand I feel it’s a very unfair dismissal from MTK Global and would like to be given the opportunity to share my side of the story to why I made this video, and show them the evidence I have that shows it was an attack out of anger, and not what I believe.”

While any unsolicited explicit image sent by a stranger is clearly unacceptable behaviour, it’s certainly no excuse to brand an entire group of people “dirty c**ts” – and of course, Hawley’s ‘apology’ offers no explanation as to his hate-filled comments about transgender people.