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Belfast students ordered to get out of taxi after gay kiss

By Sam Rigby


A group of students in Belfast were ordered to get out a taxi earlier this week, after two men in the party kissed each other.

Mark McLoughlin and a group of friends were on the way to the city’s Kremlin gay nightclub when the incident took place, BBC News reports.

McLoughlin explained that the taxi driver took offence to his friend, Stuart, kissing him on the cheek and neck during the journey.

He added that the kiss was just between good friends and “wasn’t anything erotic”.

He explained on BBC Radio Ulster: “Stuart leaned over the in back seat and kissed me on the cheek and neck, and the taxi driver saw it through his rear view mirror and told us to stop.

“We were stunned. We said: ‘Are you serious?’ And he said: ‘Yes, I’m not having that in my car’.”

The taxi company, Fonacab, have apologised for the incident, saying that they have launched an investigation.

The firm is one of the city’s major taxi companies and also a major sponsor of Belfast Pride.

Fonacab said in a statement: “Fonacab is aware of an alleged incident taking place and we are continuing to conduct an internal investigation into this matter. We have spoken to the customer and have apologised if any offence has been caused.

“However, as this investigation is on-going, it would be unfair to comment in any more detail. We certainly would not condone this type of behaviour in any circumstance and would not tolerate this within our organisation.”