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Azealia Banks clashes with Eastenders star after comparing gay men to KKK

By Will Stroude

It seems that Azealia Banks’ latest Twitter meltdown it more of a marathon than a sprint: The foul-mouthed star has entered her second week of brutal keyboard-bashing tirades, and the latest has been directed against a rather unlikely foe.

After being filmed calling a US flight attendant a “f**king f*ggot” and saying she wants to “pepper spray a gay man when he calls me a b*tch”, the  Chasing Time singer has now clashed with Eastenders’ Alison Newman, telling the 47-year-old to “Botox those frown lines” after the actress complained about a new rant in which Banks compared the LGBT community to racist extremist group the Ku Klux Klan.


It all began on Sunday (September 27), after former Coronation Street star Charlie Condou quoted a since-deleted tweet from Banks in which she wrote: “LGBT community are like the gay white KKK’s. Get some pink hoods and unicorns and rally down rodeo drive”.

After Alison Newman, who has played Walford’s DI Samantha Keeble on a recurring basis since 2008, responded by calling Banks an “unfathomable idiot”, the rapper – who was copied into the tweet – replied: “Botox those frown lines. Juvederm those lips. Get a tan”.

A stunned Newman reacted simply by writing “Wow. Awful”, before Banks once again attempted to argue that he use of homophobic slurs was justified by gay men’s use of demeaning language against women.

She told Newman: “You’re confused. You’ve allowed gay men to convince you that u owe them respect while they refer to you as fish and c***.

“If gay men are allowed to take words originally designed to hurt women and make them colloquial, then why can’t I?”

Azealia Banks

She added “Are their feeling more important than ours? Why do they deserve respect that they don’t give us?” to which Newman replied “Everyone’s feelings are the same. What’s your problem?”

Banks tried to defend herself by saying that the gay community was “not willing to reciprocate” when it came to treating people with the respect they ask for.

Azealia Banks


Following the heated encounter, Alison wrote to her followers: “I didn’t know who this woman was but on responding to the wonderful @Charliecondou I received this. She’s charming!

“And for the record. I’m 47 yrs old. I love my frown lines & my skinny lips. Most of my wrinkles are from laughing. And Botox is poison.”

Banks first came under fire for her use of homophobic language in 2013, when she labelled gossip blogger Perez Hilton a “fag” during a highly-publicised Twitter row. She later apologised for using the slur, saying that she hoped “the entire LGBT community can forgive her”. She later went on to previously claim that doesn’t use the term “faggot” as an anti-gay slur, but as a way to describe “anybody that hates women”.

“A lot of gay men are way more misogynistic than straight men,” she said at the time. “The shit they say about women behind their backs, it’s like: ‘Wow, oh my God!’ You can be a straight faggot, you can be a gay faggot. A faggot is anybody that hates women.”

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