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Ann Widdecombe says Tim Farron is being ‘bullied’ over his beliefs about homosexuality

By Will Stroude

Ann Widdecombe has come to the defense of Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron over his views on homosexuality.

Farron has caused confusion over the last week concerning his stance on homosexuality. On the day of the election announcement, he dodged questions over whether he thought homosexuality is a sin. The next day, he addressed parliament and confirmed that he does not think being gay is a sin.

He later appeared to dodge a question asking whether gay sex itself is a sin, before once again clarifying that he did not.

Writing in the Express, Widdecombe argued that Farron would “defend the liberty of others even if privately he does not agree with what they are doing.”

The former Conservative MP blames the “vast swathes” of the public who are “so theologically illiterate that they have little understanding of the meaning of the word” sin, accusing people of assuming that sin “indicates something uniquely bad or presages being cast into hell.”

To Ann, Farron’s voting record “speaks for itself” and she defends his assertion that “an election campaign is not a suitable vehicle for theological pronouncements.”

“His detractors are not satisfied with his voting record. They insist also that he must think exactly as they do. That is a pretty good example of tyranny dressed up as tolerance and is an affront to democracy,” she wrote.

“Tim Farron has been bullied – there is no other word for it.”

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