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Amsterdam to introduce PrEP program

The Dutch capital will offering the program to up to 1,700 trans and gay people

By Steve Brown

Words: Steve Brown

Amsterdam has begun the HIV prevention scheme PrEP for up to 1,700 LGBTQ people.

In a bid to prevent and reduce the amount of people diagnosed with HIV, the Dutch capital has announced they will be introducing the PrEP program for up to 1,700 gay and transgender residents in the city.

Simone Kukenheim, a healthcare alderman, said in a statement: “Our goal is zero new HIV infections in Amsterdam.

“The PrEP program is an important tool for this because it protects people before they get infected.

“By focusing on prevention in combination with other interventions, the HIV epidemic can be further reduced.”

According to NL Times, the program has room for nearly 2,200 participants and around 500 spots are already reserved for Amsterdam residents who are using PrEP through the GGD site.

Although the program will help reduce HIV infections, Kukenheim believes the available spots are already too few.

“My concern is that we have too few spots to prevent new infections on a structural basis,” Kukenheim added.

“I will therefore urge the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sports to increase the number of places.”

The program is set to give priority to people with the highest risk of being infected and the 1,700 spots will firstly go to transgender people and gay men who are younger than 25.