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Actors Santi Talledo and Toni Gelabert come out as a couple

Beyond adorable!

By Emily Maskell

Santi Talledo and Toni Gelabert are dating.
Santi Talledo and Toni Gelabert are dating. (Image: Instagram/@santitalledo)

Toni Gelabert and Santi Talledo have confirmed they are in a relationship.

They both star in the Spanish soap opera Argentina, Land of Love and Revenge (ATAV 2).

Toni, a 22-year-old Spanish actor, and Santi, a 33-year-old Argentine actor, have since shared cute couple pics online. 

“We’re a couple,” Santi confirmed to broadcaster El Trece on Friday (14 Apil). He also shared that their relationship began before filming. 

Santi added: “We did a casting together in January 2022. We started talking and he told me ‘you better come single to Argentina’.”

“He came to Mallorca for two weeks, he met my whole family and my friends,” he added with a big smile. The presenters also cooed at his “adorable” relationship photos.

Argentina’s original season was screened in 2019, set in the 1930s. However, for this follow-up, there’s a time jump to the 1980s with the introduction of some new characters.

“We started talking and he told me ‘you better come single to Argentina’.”

In the show, Toni plays Antonio Salvat. It’s 1984 and after democracy returns to Argentina he and his father search for his missing mother. 

He returns home and finds his childhood love there but then he also meets Marcos Soria…

Santi plays Marcos, a young militant lawyer who fights against injustice.

The show is focused on the history of the time, military dictatorship and the queer prejudice of the time. 

Rumours of the pair dating have been circulating since last December when Santi posted a very sweet Insta photo of the pair. The caption read: “May every reunion be a celebration. Nice trip. Here I wait for you.”

Toni commented in response: “I think about you all the time. I hope one day that beautiful song will see the light. I love you! <3”

You can watch Santi and Toni’s interactions in the show so far: