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A doctor reveals why some men take longer to finish than others

Edging, drugs and distraction are key reasons why it sometimes just doesn't happen

By Steve Brown

A doctor has revealed why some men take longer to finish than others.

We’ve all been in a situation where either your partner, fuck buddy or even yourself just cannot reach climax leaving the other person somewhat dissatisfied even if they have relieved their tension.

Sometimes it’s unknown as to why it just won’t happen but doctor Rick Viney has claimed that it is more to do with the mind than the physical act.

He told The Gay UK: “Being very aroused will see you cum quickly, being distracted can see you fail to get there all together.”

Seems pretty understandable, right? If you’re distracted it’s going to be difficult to finish and don’t lie we’ve all been there.

Viney goes on to say that some sexual partners like to delay the climactic finish but for their partner’s benefit which often doesn’t work.

The doctor – who is a consultant urological surgeon at BMI The Priory and BMI Edgbaston hospitals in Birmingham – added that delayed ejaculation could be caused by the use of drugs.

He added: “If the guy is using Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis this will make for great erections but can inhibit climax, making it much harder to cum.

“If you want staying power, this could be seen as an advantage.”

So remember boys, if you want to let it go, communication is key!