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10-year-old boy said he ‘liked boys’ before his suspicious death

Anthony Avalos died after suffering a head trauma

By Steve Brown

A 10-year-old boy said he ‘liked boys’ before his suspicious death.

Anthony Avalos died last Thursday after suffering a head trauma in his home in Los Angeles and the LA Times reported that social workers and police were told that the young boy was abused for years before his suspicious death.

The boy’s mother claimed he had fallen and hit his head.

But now in a new development, Brandon Nichols, deputy director of the Department of Child and Family Services said that Anthony “said he liked boys” before his death, but he declined to provide any more details, including who the boy told and when.

Now authorities are investigating whether homophobia played a role in his death.

Investigators  believe Anthony suffered physical and emotional abuse, denial of food, general neglect, forced fights between children in the home and forced crouching for long periods of time.

It was also reported that he was allegedly sexually assault back in 2013 by his own grandfather.