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Crystal claps back at Daily Mail report that parents were ‘horrified’ by her drag show

EXCLUSIVE: “No one on site was horrified and it was a really warm response.”

By Emily Maskell

Crystal from drag race and performing on-stage.
Crystal’s weekend performance has become a topic of discussion. (Image: BBC/ITV and Instagram/

Canadian-British drag performer Crystal has responded after the Daily Mail published an article claiming parents were ‘horrified’ at a recent performance of hers.

The performance in question was at Adventure Island in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, on Saturday (15 July).

It was a “special event for the LGBTQ+ community and its allies, celebrating love, diversity, and inclusivity,” according to Adventure Island.

Crystal, who starred in season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, addressed the article on Monday (17 July).

The Daily Mail article reported that Crystal was “suggestively dancing in front of an audience that included children.”

The article also claimed that Crystal’s act had been “condemned by parents.”

On Instagram, Crystal wrote: “Look mom, I’m in the news again! NOT THE FISHNET TIGHTS!!!”

Crystal went on to claim that “in news that will shock no one, the person who sent the video wasn’t actually at the event. Classic manufactured outrage.”

She also shared screenshots from attendees. One DM read: “Thank you so so much for making Leon’s day! Keep smashing it!!” The message additionally included a heart and rainbow flag.

Speaking exclusively to Attitude, Crystal shared that “parents who were at the event loved it.”

“It was a crowd of predominantly teenagers and adults and, I think, one small child who was having the time of her life,” she explained. 

“No one on site was horrified and it was a really warm response,” she also noted.

“Parents who were at the event loved in.”

“It’s telling that the person who sent the video to the Daily Mail wasn’t actually at the event and has no idea what actually happened,” Crystal added.

She also added she’s seen people claiming that she used a dildo in front of children. She noted the suggestion was “just laughable.”

“It just shows how warped these views of sex are that they think an angle grinder is a sex toy. You know, I guess what I’d say to that is feel free to go try it, it’s probably going to be an improvement for all of us if you do.”

Furthermore, Crystal shared: “The narrative being pushed right now is queer people are groomers and dangerous to children so it doesn’t matter what you do, that’s how it’s going to be spun.”

Crystal noted she’d be willing to engage in a good-faith discussion on the topic. However, this discourse is “blatant homophobia for clicks, outrage and keep nasty people in power.”

Attitude has approached the Daily Mail for comment.