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Personal trainer and model Anthony Varrecchia on keeping fit in his fifties

The silver fox of Instagram strips off for our new-look June issue.

By Will Stroude

Bullied as a kid and lacking in confidence, it wasn’t until Anthony Varrecchia was much older that he started posting his pictures online. Now, the “silver fox” is a personal trainer and a model with his own clothing line and thousands of fans flocking to his Instagram page.

In Attitude’s new-look June issue – available to download and in shops now – Anthony

“Training in general stems from growing up and being bullied and from a lack of confidence,” he explains.

“Being pushed around, being kicked around, really affected my life, and when I was able to lift weights, it built my confidence and my body. And that changed my whole way of thinking.

“It gave me the confidence to push myself and not take any crap from people.”

Anthony, who qualified as a personal trainer seven years ago, admits that keeping in such good shape in his fifties requires more sacrifices than it once did.

Anthony Varrecchia, shot exclusively for Attitude’s June issue by Frank Berlin 

“I just turned 55, and you know your body is not the same in your twenties, thirties or forties — it does get a little bit more challenging,” he says.

“Your body chemistry changes. I don’t eat junk these days. I’m very mindful with my food, and I always tell my clients: ‘You are what you eat’.

“If you stick with the routine, even if you’re away from the gym a few weeks, your muscles will remember and you can get right back into it.” 

Despite the challenges of keeping up his rigourous training schedule, however, Anthony is happy to revel in his newfound status as a ‘silver fox’.


“When people call me that, I just smile and thank them,” he says.

“I do have one friend who’s my age, and he hates being called silver fox or a daddy. But you know what, I earned it — and my hair is all white now!”

Check out Anthony’s full shoot and interview in Attitude’s new-look June issue, which also comes with a second cover featuring Sir Ian McKellen.

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