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6 best nootropics to enhance your brain power and focus

Do you have trouble focusing, remembering facts, or multi-tasking? This best nootropic review reveals the secret to unlocking your brains full potential.

By Will Stroude

The lifestyles we are living today have become more demanding, requiring us to be alert and focused at all times as we juggle different roles.

There is a deep need for multi-tasking while trying to maintain efficiency in our daily tasks.

To manage all this, we need our brains to be in tip-top shape at all times.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and our brain function gets affected by age, illness, diet, and other lifestyle choices.

Fortunately, it is possible to provide the brain with the nutrients it needs to boost its functioning, and this is where nootropics come in.

According to Medical News Today, nootropics are ‘smart drugs’ that boost brain performance and cognitive function.

In this review, we will look at six of the best nootropics available in the market today.

We will tell you what they are, how they work, their benefits, and their pros and cons.

6 Best Brain Enhancement Pills (Nootropics) That Will Unlock Your Brains Full Potential

1) Mind Lab Pro – click here to check price

2) Brain Actives – click here to check price

3) Hunter Focus – click here to check price

4) Noocube – click here to check price

5) Nitrovit – click here to check price

6) TruBrain – click here to check price

1) Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro is a premium nootropic designed to unlock 100% of your brainpower and help you achieve your full potential.

The makers of this nootropic understand that the mind is one of the most complex organs in the body with unique, complex needs.

This supplement is recommended for professionals, students, athletes, and people who perform active competitions requiring dynamic brainpower.

Mind Lab Pro is designed to meet these needs in six distinct ways to enhance mental performance.

It is formulated from eleven nootropic ingredients that have been carefully selected after thorough scientific research.

These ingredients enable Mind Lab Pro to wholly optimize the brain while meeting mental demands that might change daily.

Mind Lab Pro targets different brain areas, including chemistry, where it optimizes memory, speed, mood, attention, and motivation.

It also boosts brain energy, relieving fatigue, which lifts fog and encourages mental agility and focus.

Information on Science Connected tells us that cells in our body constantly die, age, or get damaged.

This nootropic rejuvenates and repairs brain cells, nourishing them to ensure that they remain healthy.

Similarly, Mind Lab Pro supports blood, oxygen, and nutrient circulation in the brain, which improves its overall functioning.

The ingredients in this brain booster are all-natural, patented advanced nutrient forms that will give you all the benefits without causing any side effects.

To gain all this brainpower, the manufacturer advises that you take two Mind Lab Pro capsules in the morning or the afternoon.

In times of high cognitive demands, such as multi-tasking, doing a project, or sitting an exam, you can take up to four capsules to boost performance.

You will start feeling the results within two weeks of taking two capsules regularly, and only a few hours later if you take four capsules.

Mind Lab Pro is formulated in the UK and manufactured in the USA by supplements maker Opti-Nutra.

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·        It nourishes the brain and boosts its long-term health

·        Counters brain aging by maintaining neural plasticity

·        It improves memory and recall

·        Boosts focus and concentration

·        Improves processing speed

·        Calms the mind and reduces anxiety

·        Improves communication ability


·        Formula tested and validated by a third party

·        Utilizes high potency clinical doses

·        Does not hide behind a proprietary blend

·        Comes in plant-based capsules that are easy to digest

·        Endorsed by chess grandmaster Nigel Short

·        Does not contain allergens, stimulants, artificial or synthetic additives

·        Ideal for vegans and vegetarians

·        Made by a reputable company


·        It may be pricey for some people

·        Free shipping does not apply to all purchases

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2) Brain Actives 

Brain Actives is a cognitive energy booster that will have your brain working like never before.

It promises to improve focus and concentration, increase mental energy and endurance, and boost all cognitive functions.

This nootropic is recommended for people who do demanding jobs, such as competitive athletes, professionals, police, and gamers, among others.

Brain Actives is formulated with ingredients that allow your brain to achieve its highest potential without causing harmful side effects.

TeaCrine, a trademarked form of theacrine helps reduce physical fatigue, increase brain energy, and boost motivation and focus.

Another potent herb, Ashwagandha, improves memory, reduces stress, and enhances learning ability.

Other herbs that improve cognitive function in this formula are Bacopa Monnieri, Gotu Kola, and black pepper leaf extract.

To promote neurological health, Brain Actives utilizes vitamin B6, B12, B5, and magnesium.

This formula also includes caffeine anhydrous, an ingredient that boosts energy and focus.

To enjoy the benefits offered by this smart drug, you are advised to take two capsules per day with plenty of water.

You will start feeling the benefits within 30 minutes, but for amplified results, you should keep taking the nootropic for several weeks.

Brain Actives is manufactured by Key Player Limited, a supplements company based in Dubai.

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·        Improves focus, helping you concentrate on the task at hand

·        It keeps you alert

·        It fights fatigue and helps you manage any challenges

·        Boosts concentration even in stressful situations

·        Improves mental energy

·        Enhances learning and recollection


·        Works fast, within 30 minutes

·        Ships worldwide

·        Made from natural ingredients

·        Does not cause any adverse side effects

·        Can be combined with other supplements to boost results


·        Does not have many user reviews

·        The maker does not explain how the ingredients work to give the promised results

·        No scientific proof is provided

·        There is no free shipping

·        Contains caffeine, which might affect some people

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3) Hunter Focus

Hunter Focus is a cognitive enhancer that will unlock your brain’s full potential to help you achieve all your goals.

It is especially recommended for high achieving men aged 30 and over in the corporate world or business.

According to Medical News Today, as we age, the brain’s needs and demands change as well.

They, therefore, formulated a nootropic that will meet these neurological demands while emphasizing long term brain health and nourishment.

This smart drug is formulated with naturally occurring chemicals and compounds selected after studying numerous peer-reviewed evidence on their efficacy.

For the brain to function normally, it requires energy, sufficient blood flow, oxygen, and nutrients to power various chemical reactions.

Hunter Focus delivers these requirements through its ingredients in three distinct pathways.

The memory matrix utilizes lion’s mane mushroom, maritime pine bark, and bacopa to activate memory and recall.

It also relies on citicoline, L-theanine, and N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine to improve concentration, even in the most stressful situations.

The final matrix is mood amplification, where Hunter Focus reduces stress and lifts your moods to help you keep a positive mindset.

This cognitive enhancer is manufactured as part of the Hunter Suite of products consisting of a fat burner and a testosterone booster.

When used together, these three products open up physical and mental abilities that you did not know were possible, helping you achieve all your dreams.

To achieve this and more, you are advised to take six capsules per day for at least three months.

Hunter Focus is manufactured by Roar Ambition, a trusted supplements company based in the UK.

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·        It enhances memory and information retention

·        Relieves mental fatigue and brain fog

·        Improves focus and concentration

·        Optimizes learning and information processing

·        Elevates moods and decreases anxiety

·        Boosts creativity and problem-solving abilities


·        Formulated from natural components with no side effects

·        Claims are backed by scientific studies

·        Made by a reputable company

·        Manufactured in the USA and UK in FDA certified labs

·        Does not contain stimulants, allergens, or artificial additives

·        The manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back guarantee


·        As a premium nootropic, is it pricey compared to others

·        Not suitable for vegans

·        Does not contain any vitamins

·        Has few reviews from users

>> Click here to get Hunter Focus with the best price

4) Noocube 

Noocube is a synergistic blend of vitamins, amino acids, and herbal extracts that are designed to upgrade your brain.

These critical ingredients enhance cognitive function, improve concentration, memory, and focus.

Since its inception, this nootropic has been sold to 124,000 people.

Noocube is designed to help you reach the upper heights of your creativity by shifting your brain to a higher gear.

This smart drug is formulated by top neuroscientists who have used the safest, most effective ingredients that are supported by scientific evidence.

Unlike other nootropics, Noocube does not contain caffeine, which works well as a stimulant to keep you alert but does not give any cognitive benefits.

The leading ingredient in this smart drug is Alpha GPC, which raises acetylcholine levels in the brain.

This, in turn, improves chemical messages within the brain, boosting memory, learning, and concentration.

Another ingredient, cat’s claw, combats oxidative stress in brain cells, protecting them from damage caused by free radicals.

Oat straw improves blood flow and controls inflammation, leaving the brain alert.

By taking two capsules of Noocube, you will start experiencing clarity and a heightened mental state after only 30 minutes.

When you continue taking it daily, it will elevate your brain and help you push your limits to places you have never dared before.

This potent nootropic is manufactured by Wolfson Berg Limited, a supplements company based in Cyprus.

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·        It enhances cognitive function

·        It improves concentration and focus

·        Enables better communication

·        Improves memory and learning

·        Protects brain cells from damage

·        Promotes long term brain health

·        Clears mental fatigue and fog

·        Improves the ability to multi-task


·        Formulated by top neuroscientists

·        It acts quickly, within 30-45 minutes

·        Does not contain caffeine or other stimulants

·        Comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

·        The manufacturer offers free shipping

·        It is quite affordable

·        It has been sold to over 124,000 people worldwide


·        Results may not be the same for everyone

·        Must be taken regularly to maintain the results

>> Click here to get Noocube with the best price

5) Nitrovit

Nitrovit is an industry-leading nootropic that promises to give you high mental drive, focus, and alertness for eight straight hours.

It is formulated with the best nootropic ingredients in the market to increase your sensory experience, muting distractions around you and giving you razor-sharp focus.

This smart drug was developed by Archie Marks, who found himself dealing with attention deficit and memory issues.

Therefore, he resolved to create a product that gives results safely without the need for a prescription.

It is recommended for people who suffer from short attention span, learners, those over 50 years, and over-achievers.

Nitrovit works in several stages to give the desired results.

In the first week of taking it, you will experience improved brain energy, focus, and motivation.

This will help you complete unfinished tasks or maybe even start a long-overdue project.

Towards the second week, you will sleep better, feel less stressed, and have a renewed sense of optimism, particularly if you have been suffering from burnout.

On week three, Nitrovit will have repaired any free radical damage in your brain cells, boosting cognitive processes and blood flow.

This results in faster information storage, recall, and learning.

By the end of one month, you will enjoy improved brain health and productivity, enabling you to reach out for your dreams.

All the nootropics used in this formula are natural, safe, and backed by scientific studies.

To get all the benefits described above, the maker recommends that you take 2-4 capsules per day, after breakfast or after lunch.

This product is manufactured by Project NooYou, a company based in the USA.

>> Click here to try Nitrovit


·        It boosts mental clarity and alertness

·        Reduces attention deficit and improves focus

·        Enhances motivation and productivity

·        Improves information retention and memory recall

·        Boosts long term brain health

·        Repairs damaged brain cells and reduce inflammation

·        Improves sleep quality

·        Protects the brain against aging and cognitive decline


·        Gives results in as little as 15 minutes

·        The manufacture gives comprehensive information about the product

·        Comes with a one-year money-back guarantee

·        Manufactured in the USA in FDA approved labs

·        Discreet packaging and fast same-day shipping

·        Excellent 24-hour customer service


·        It contains stimulants which might affect some people

·        It requires cycling

·        Free shipping does not apply to all orders

>> Click here to get Nitrovit with the best price

6) TruBrain 

TruBrain is a combination of minerals, nutrients, and nootropics designed to increase your mental bandwidth.

The makes of this smart drug acknowledge that it is not going to work magic, but it contains nutrients that will enhance your body’s natural processes.

In doing so, TruBrain helps you take advantage of your time by aiding your brain in working harder, better, and smarter.

The benefits you can expect from this nootropic include a better memory even when dealing with distractions and improve mental output.

It will also help you overcome mental blocks brought about by fatigue and fog.

The ingredients in this formula have been thoroughly researched and scientifically proven to work by UCLA trained neuroscientists.

Noonpept is a cognitive enhancing supplement that lowers inflammation in brain cells, thereby reducing memory loss and neurodegeneration.

According to WebMd, Acetyl L-Carnitine slows down mental decline and reduced symptoms of depression and stress.

L-Theanine eases mental pressure, allowing you to stay focused on the task at hand, even during a crisis.

The manufacturers confirm that TruBrain is safe to use without fear, as it does not cause any side effects.

It has been tested for safety and supported by decades of research.

To get the most of this smart drug, the manufacturer recommends that you take three capsules per day, with or without a meal.

Some people may notice effects in about 45 minutes, and these will last up to five hours.

For the most part, it takes between 5-7 days to feel the full benefits of this nootropic, but you must take it consistently.

TruBrain is manufactured in the United States in FDA approved facilities and ships worldwide.

>> Click here to try TruBrain


·        It improves and upgrades memory

·        Helps overcome mental blocks

·        Boosts focus and concentration

·        Relieves mental fog and fatigue


·        Formula developed by UCLA trained neuroscientists

·        Made by a small company that is focused on results

·        Made in the USA in FDA approved labs

·        The manufacturer offers free shipping in the USA

·        Works within 45 minutes

·        Made with natural ingredients

·        Does not cause any short term or long-term side effects


·        The manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee

·        It works fast in some people but may take up to a week in others

·        The manufacturer does not explain how the ingredients give the promised results

·        There is no free shipping outside of the USA

·        There is automatic billing, which can be problematic

>> Click here to get TruBrain with the best price

Best Nootropic Supplements FAQ

What are nootropics? 

Nootropics are a class of dietary supplements that are formulated with specific ingredients to boost/improve brain functioning. They are also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers.

How do nootropics work? 

While nootropics work differently depending on the ingredients used, they provide the brain with the energy and nutrients needed to function correctly. They do not contain any chemicals but rather work alongside the brain’s natural processes.

For instance, they improve blood circulation, which provides the brain with oxygenated blood, thereby energizing it and lifting fog. They also fight inflammation and reduce oxidative stress, helping brain cells to stay healthy. Most relieve stress and anxiety, helping you to stay calm and focused even during stressful times.

What are the benefits of nootropics?

Some of the benefits of nootropics include:

·        They improve memory retention

·        Increase focus and concentration

·        Relieve inflammation and oxidative stress that damages cells

·        They enhance cognitive function

·        Enable better communication

·        Promote long term brain health

·        Clears mental fatigue and fog

·        They improve the ability to multi-task

What ingredients should I expect to see in a nootropic?

Some of the most common ingredients in a nootropic are:

·        Citicoline

·        Bacopa Monnieri

·        Lion’s mane mushroom

·        L- Theanine

·        L-Tyrosine

·        Acetyl L-Carnitine

·        Noopept

·        Magnesium

·        Mucuna Pruriens

·        Alpha Lipoic Acid

·        Uridine

·        Vitamin B

·        Alpha GPC

·        Guarana/ caffeine anhydrous

How fast do nootropics work?

Most manufacturers state their products work within 45 minutes of use. Some of the immediate effects to look out for are better focus and less mental fatigue. Most nootropics will start working fully in one week, and the longer you take them, the better benefits you will enjoy. Most manufacturers are confident that their products work that they offer 100% money-back guarantees.

Should I combine nootropics with a gym workout? 

Although a gym workout does not directly collate with brain function, it is important for overall health. A good gym session can be a good way to relieve stress and fatigue while also clearing the mind. As such, combining a nootropic with a gym workout can only enhance your results.

What should I consider when buying a nootropic?

The most important thing to consider when buying a nootropic is the type of ingredients used. You want one with potent ingredients in the right amounts, and we have mentioned the most common here. Similarly, it is essential that you check what scientific backing the product has, manufacturers can say anything to sell a product, but can they prove its efficacy?

You also need to look at what other users are saying; testimonials can be a great way to evaluate a product based on other people’s experiences. Finally, these nootropics vary significantly in price. Hunter Focus and Mind Lab Pro, for instance, are premium smart drugs that are costly. You should settle for one that provides you the benefits you need without causing damage to your pocket.

Do nootropics have any side effects?

The six nootropics discussed in this review do not cause any adverse side effects. This is because they are formulated from natural ingredients and also have been clinically tested. Similarly, they don’t contain any allergens like nuts and soy or artificial preservatives.

If you are worried about any possible side effects, particularly if you are taking medication for chronic illnesses, you should consult your physician before taking any of the nootropics discussed here.