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What Are the Best LGBT+ Travel Destinations in the World?

In partnership with Ocere

By Alastair James

Pictures: Pixabay

After a fantastic Pride month, we’re delighted that the LGBTQ community has more visibility and freedom than ever before. As we get ready to be able to travel more we thought we’d discuss some of the best LGBT+ travel destinations. These make for a fantastic romantic getaway with your partner or a chance for a break with friends. Here are some of the best LGBT+ travel destinations in the world.


The capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is easily one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The buildings look like they’ve been lifted straight from the pages of a storybook, painted in vibrant colour and back onto a glistening waterfront. Copenhagen has strong ties to the LGBTQ community, housing the oldest gay bar in Denmark – Centralhjornet. As well as this, Denmark was the first country in the world to legalise same-sex civil partnerships (in 1989), and it permitted same-sex marriages back in 2012. If you are looking for somewhere to celebrate great culture and gay rights, then Copenhagen is the place for you.

Copenhagen (Photo: Pixabay)

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the most populous city in the US state of Nevada and attracts over 42 million tourists each year. Known for its risqué shows and decadence, Vegas is an ideal location for anyone wanting to have a fantastic party holiday with their best friends. You can stay in an opulent resort and explore the neon-lit streets; journey to the Grand Canyon or play casino games at one of the famous gambling houses. The possibilities for fun and trouble are limitless. Pride is also a big deal in Las Vegas. Glamourous and glittering spectacles are held every October, inviting members of the LGBT+ community from across the world to join in with the celebrations. So, if you’re thinking about heading to Vegas soon, then October is definitely the best time.

Las Vegas (Photo: Pixabay)


What’s not to like about Canada? It’s home to one of the most progressive nations in the world and has some truly breathtaking scenery. Anyone who loves hiking and nature will definitely want to check out the Rocky Mountains. But for those who prefer city getaways, we recommend going to Toronto. This is the biggest city in Canada and has a great LGBT+ scene, especially on the south side. From lively clubs and bright bars to quaint cafes and snuggly shops, you’re sure to enjoy your stay. Pride began in Toronto in 1981 and is now considered one of the biggest cultural festivals in all of North America.

Toronto (Photo: Pixabay)

These are some of the best LGBT+ travel destinations in the world. Not only are these cities a visual delight, but they also have a strong connection to the queer community.