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Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier and Roscoe Stroller review: A revelation for dog or cat owners

In partnership with Tavo

By Dale Fox

Composite of a man using a pet bed and pet stroller with a toy poodle
The Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier and Roscoe Stroller (Image: Tavo Pets)

As a proud parent of two chihuahuas, I’m always on the lookout for products that can make our lives easier and more comfortable. So when I received the Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier, Tavo Pet Car Seat Base, and Tavo Roscoe Pet Stroller, I was intrigued by their stylish design and promise of safety and convenience.

Tavo is a new brand by Nuna, a world leader in premium baby gear that’s bringing its decades of engineering and safety expertise to a range of pet travel products that prioritise safety, comfort, and style. And after putting the Tavo range to the test with my tiny companions Noodles and Peanuts over the past month, I’m excited to share my thoughts on this innovative pet travel system.

Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier

A black and brown pet carrier
Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier (Image: Tavo Pets)

Design and comfort

The Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier is a beautifully crafted product that oozes luxury. The carrier, which comes in two sizes, features a sleek, modern design with vegan leather details and comes with two interchangeable linings – a durable canvas and a soft sherpa fleece. My diva chihuahuas have been using the Tavo Maeve as their main bed, so it’s clear that comfort was a top priority in the design process. They’re obsessed with the fleece lining, and happily cuddle up together in the carrier for most of the day (giving me some needed peace at the same time).

Two chihuahuas inside a dog carrier
Peanuts (left) and Noodles love the comfort of the carrier (Image: Dale Fox/Attitude)

One of the thoughtful details I appreciate is the magnetic clips that snap to the frame when the hood is up, preventing them from dangling and hitting curious pets on the head. The Tavo Maeve also provides ample ventilation with its mesh hood and a UPF 50+ canopy to keep pets protected from the elements (during both of the weeks we actually get sunshine in the UK, that is). There are also two straps with buckles that feed into the base of the carrier that allow you to clip your pets in safely by their harness or collar when on the move (they must be unclipped when travelling in a vehicle though). Both extend enough to give your dog or cat the freedom to not feel restricted.

When it comes to the overall design and quality, the one word that could be used to describe the carrier is simply “premium”. It’s superbly well made and wouldn’t look out of place on the back seat of a Bentley or Porsche, or on the arm of a middle-aged gay man mincing around South West London in a Burberry trench (this writer).

Ease of use

What sets the Tavo Maeve apart is its versatility. It features an easily detachable hood, which can be clipped off when at home so it can be used as a regular bed. And, of course, it also serves as a convenient and safe carrier. I can easily carry both of my dogs in the Tavo Maeve from the house straight to my car, before clipping the carrier straight into the Tavo Pet Car Seat Base.

An included safety panel clips on to one side of the carrier by the door side, providing protection in the event of a collision. It’s important to state that while my dogs love riding in the carrier together, only one pet can travel inside it at a time when it’s in a vehicle, for safety reasons.

For longer walks, there’s an included shoulder strap and built-in carrying handle. Despite the size of the carrier, it’s actually very comfortable to carry around for long periods, and Noodles and Peanuts love being safe in their cosy bubble as I carry them about town.

Safety features

The Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier is not just about comfort and style; it prioritises safety. Side impact and crash-test-certified to the latest United Nations ECE child restraint standard, the Tavo Maeve has been rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure that your furry friends are well-protected during car rides when paired with the Tavo Pet Car Seat Base (see below). The carrier features a sturdy, reinforced frame and secure straps that keep your pet stable and safe, even in the event of sudden stops or accidents. With the Tavo Maeve, you can have peace of mind knowing that your pet is travelling in a carrier that has been designed with their safety as a top priority.

Tavo Pet Car Seat Base

Tavo Pet Car Seat Base (Image: Tavo Pets)

Safety features

Safety is paramount when it comes to our precious pups, which is why it’s important to know that the Tavo Pet Car Seat Base delivers in spades. The base has been rigorously tested and evaluated against the United Nations’ child restraint safety criteria, providing peace of mind when we’re on the road. The Tavo Pet Car Seat Base connects securely to the ISOFIX points in your car’s back seat using a simple five-second True Lock installation system, ensuring a stable and safe ride. I was surprised that the base fit easily into the tiny rear of my three-door convertible. Even better, the Tavo Maeve clips in and out of the base with practically no effort, meaning I can remove my pups with a bag of groceries in one hand after a trip to the supermarket.

With many drivers unaware they’re liable if they fail to suitably restrain an animal in a vehicle, the Tavo Maeve gives pet owners the reassurance that they’re complying with the Highway Code and aren’t at risk of receiving penalty points, a fine, or invalidating their insurance. It’s important to note that only one pet can be secured in the Tavo Pet Car Seat Base at a time for safety reasons, so you’ll need to consider an alternative if you have more than one pet like I do.

Tavo Roscoe Pet Stroller

Tavo Roscoe Pet Stroller (Image: Tavo Pets)

Design and comfort

The Tavo Roscoe Pet Stroller is a game-changer, allowing you to attach the Tavo Maeve to it in seconds – perfect for tiny tired legs after a long walk. The Roscoe is built to handle various terrains, from city streets to forest trails, and opens and folds up easily with one hand in seconds. It fits really easily into my tiny car boot too, and stows safely in the hallway at home when not in use.

For a pet stroller, the design is really chic. It’s definitely giving yummy mummy as I swish about the streets of Wimbledon in my shades. And I’m sure Noodles and Peanuts wouldn’t be ashamed to admit they love the attention they get from curious passersby who stop to admire them in their sleek ride.

Consistent with the thoughtful design language of the whole range, the Roscoe features a host of little elements that make it that much nicer to use. I love the huge storage space underneath for snacks and water (for the dogs – though a packet or two of digestives may have ended up in there once or twice). There’s also separate compartments to store a phone and coffee cup or water bottle by the handles, as well as a handy storage box in the centre for stowing away treats, poo bags, or various trinkets.


The Tavo Roscoe Pet Stroller also offers a host of convenient use-cases. I’ve been using it when I take the dogs to the office, locking the wheels and letting them sleep by my desk in the Tavo Maeve to avoid any mischief. It’s also fantastic for visits to pubs or outdoor terraces, as I can let both dogs rest comfortably in the Tavo Maeve without worrying about them being stepped on. Think of it as a travelling, elevated bed. If only they made one of these for adult humans.

Two chihuahuas in a pet carrier on a Tube
Noodles and Peanuts love travelling on the Tube in the Maeve and Roscoe (Image: Dale Fox/Attitude)

It’s also perfect for public transport, with the stress taken out of bus, train, and Tube rides as your pet takes a nap in the carrier while you concentrate on the journey. My chihuahuas love hitting the Tube in the Roscoe and Maeve and either taking a nap, or checking out the views from the window (which are mainly dark tunnels, but still…). The Roscoe fits perfectly into the stroller area of buses or trains and the wheels lock with the simple tap of the footbrake, ensuring your babies are safe and nobody is inconvenienced.

Price and availability

The Tavo Maeve with base starts at £500 and is available in five luxe colourways, including Onyx, Fawn, Merle, Sable and Brindle. There are also coordinating options for the Roscoe stroller, which is accented with vegan leather details in black, cognac, and chocolate. The Tavo Maeve 3-in-1 Pet Protection System is available at Halfords, both in-store and online.


The Tavo Maeve Pet Carrier, Tavo Pet Car Seat Base, and Tavo Roscoe Pet Stroller have been an absolute life-changer for me and my chihuahuas. The stylish design, exceptional comfort, and top-notch safety features make them well worth the investment for pet owners who frequently travel with their furry friends. The added convenience of the Tavo Roscoe has made our outings more enjoyable, and I no longer feel anxious about taking them on day trips when I know they’ll be safe in their little cocoon of comfort.

If you’re looking for a high-quality, all-in-one pet travel solution that prioritises safety and complies with the latest regulations, I highly recommend the Tavo range. Your pets will thank you for the comfort and security, and you’ll appreciate the ease and peace of mind the system provides.