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Why you should get a mentor on myGwork


By Steve Brown

Mentoring is a definitive aspect of the corporate experience.

To get ahead in work, and in life, the advice of those further along the totem pole is invaluable. 

Mentors can provide us with huge leaps forward in our career. They can give us a keener eye for strategy and direction, help mentees be more self-confident, speak up and be heard.

By getting involved in a mentoring process, mentees will learn key abilities such as technical, management, leadership skills and will be able to widen their professional networks.

In turn, reaching our desired milestones and passing on our wisdom to the next generation can be an invaluable experience all of its own.

LGBT+ mentors are able to provide LGBT+ mentees not only useful general career advice and but also guidance in terms of coming out in the workplace, which organisation to choose, what to do if they encounter homophobia at work and much more.

myGwork sat down with some of their 1000s of registered mentors and asked them what it takes to be a great mentor, how to find someone in your field who will help you, and how the mentoring experience specifically aids the LGBT+ community.

Sign up to myGwork now and find your LGBT+ mentor!

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