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Who was the hottest ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ hunk?

By Will Stroude

As we struggle to cope with the quite frankly unbelievable news that Buffy the Vampire Slayer turns 20 today (March 10), we thought we’d really take a good hard look at the wealth hot guys – some alive, some less so – that roamed the streets of Sunnydale alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar and the Scoobies throughout the show’s seven season run.

After hours of deliberation we’re still unable to settle on which guy takes the crown though (we may just be too greedy, it must be said), so we’ll leave that up to you guys to decide – after a quick reminder of your options below…

First up we have Marc Blucas, who played Buffy’s dreamy (but oh-so-dreary) college boyfriend Riley Finn:


marc blucas shirtless buffy the vampire slayer btvs riley finn


Next up is James Marsters, the show’s Big Bad turned loveable anti-hero Spike:

james marsters shirtless buffy the vampire slayer btvs spike


spike gif

Then there was Nicholas Brendan as hapless Xander – a man who Buffy rejected so many times he ended up marrying a demon:


nicholas brendan



And of course David Boreanaz, who adorned bedroom walls everywhere in the ’90s as Buffy’s original love interest – brooding vamp-with-a-soul Angel:



angel 3


So who wins the title of ultimate Buffy hunk? Let the boys keep battling it out and let us know your thoughts…


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