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Warwick Rowers keep having pics reported and we cannot understand why

The buff-bodied rowers aren't afraid to drop their clothes for a shoot

By Steve Brown

The Warwick Rowers keep having their images reported on Instagram and they – and us – cannot understand why.

Taking to their Instagram Story, the group of hot, sexy rowers posted their dismay that people report the images to the photosharing app and pleaded with the public that all they are doing is trying to awareness and money against homophobia.

They wrote: “Well, looks like some people keep on reporting us which is a huge shame.

“We’re trying to promote a healthy image of the male body which is non sexual nor objectifying the guys taking part while raising awareness and money against homophobia.

“Would be great if people who do not like what we do would just ignore us instead of trying to report our posts every time… [sic]”

But the rowers got the last laugh after urging people to visit their Twitter and Facebook accounts to see the images that have been reported.

They wrote: “For the people who want to see our latest deleted post, head over to our twitter @warwick_rowers or our Facebook page [sic]”

Each year, since 2009, the buff bodied rowers pose naked for a calendar to raise money for their anti-homophobia group Sports Allies, and it is something we eagerly anticipate each year.