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Survivor Australia hunk loses his shorts and wrestles fellow contestant naked

By Joshua Haigh

Things got a little cheeky on the latest episode of Survivor Australia.

On Monday’s show, contestant Locky showed off everything when he experienced a major wardrobe malfunction during a slip and slide task.

Joined by fellow contestant Mark, the pair dived down the slide together and, in a bid to win, Mark accidentally pulled down Locky’s pants.

But that didn’t stop either of them, and they continued to wrestle afterwards in front of their stunned co-stars.

Thankfully, Mark had a good sense of humour about flashing his manhood on national television: “I’m non-circumcised. so I took a bit of that sand back to the tribe,” he joked.

“Most people don’t know me, back in Perth I’m normally always nude. It was the winning point, a bit of nudity wasn’t going to stop me.”

One check of his Instagram and it appears he’s not wrong:

We need a moment.

Watch the clip below: