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Professional Scottish footballer strips down to his pants, dances to Madonna and wrestles teammates

By Joshua Haigh

Now we finally know what footballers get up to in the locker room after a match.

Jason Cummings, a striker at Hibernian F.C in Scotland is going viral after a video of himself running around in just his underwear was put on social media this week.

The 22-year-old stripped down to his underwear to Madonna’s iconic track Like a Prayer, and proceeded to head into the cafeteria and entertain the diners by dancing on the tables.

With his nickname ‘Cum Dog’ written across his chest, the footballer then wrestled with pro fighter Grado, who was visiting the stadium.

He ended up winning, and the rest of his teammates then dove in for a congratulatory huddle together.

Honestly, this might be the most homoerotic thing we’ve ever seen.

Watch the full clip below: