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Olly Murs gets shirtless in new music video teaser – WATCH

By Will Stroude

Former X-Factor runner-up Olly Murs has got his kit off (again) in a clip of his upcoming video for his new single, You Don’t Know Love, which he teased fans with on Twitter.

In the clip, the 32 year old, “20% gay” Essex boy is seen getting dressed into a suit, while singing “I don’t wanna be your lover/ I don’t wanna be you’re fool/Pick me up whenever you want it/Throw me down when you’re through”.

Oh Olly, we’d never treat you like a fool!

Get an eyeful of shirtless Mr Murs with these screengrabs:

Screenshot_2016_07_13_18_46_41 Screenshot_2016_07_13_18_46_50 Screenshot_2016_07_13_18_46_58 Screenshot_2016_07_13_18_47_10 Screenshot_2016_07_13_18_47_16 Screenshot_2016_07_13_18_47_25

Check out the trailer for the video, which comes out tomorrow (July 15) below.

Want to see more of Olly? Check out his hottest moments here.

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