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Oh Pit Crew! Box Menswear lands on RuPaul’s Drag Race

In partnership with Box Menswear.

By Will Stroude

Sometimes it takes a while waiting for that perfect collaboration to come along when you just know they’d be a perfect match. Well, move over Ariana X Lady Gaga: RuPaul’s Drag Race and Box Menswear is a collision of interests made in gay heaven.

With spin-offs in Thailand, Canada, Holland and Australia, and season 13 of the US original breaking series viewership figures around the world, it seems all of have an insatiable appetite for drag. And there’s plenty of insatiable thirst, too, and from episode five of season 13 the infamous Pit Crew will be proudly modelling British-born Box Menswear underwear!

The Pit Crew have been a Drag race mainstay since the very first episode back in 2009, and 12 years later Box Menswear have suppliedthe briefs, boxers and budgie smugglers for the boys of season 13 and beyond.

Suffice to say, the boys’ butts will be looking perky and plump in Box.

Episode five of season 13 saw fan favourite and resident hottie Joey Jay given his marching orders, but there are plenty who’d like to see the Arizona queen and ‘trade of the season’ back as a Pit Crew member.

And looking at Joey’s Instagram page, we can see what they mean – in regular man clothes he’s a bona fide zaddy.

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A post shared by Joey Jay (@joeyjayisgay)

So what can we expect from the rest of the season 13? Avid watchers of the show will have seen it change and evolve over the years, going from strength to strength.

RuPaul has brought drag to a mainstream audience with queens all over the world starring in national ad campaigns and featuring on the highest profile reality shows.

Personally, we’re hoping for a Dreamboys-style live event with the Pit Crew sporting that new Box Underwear. Surely that’s a theatre/club show waiting to happen?

For more information visit Box Menswear.