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More hotness from ‘Queer As Folk’s Charlie Hunnam

By Sam Rigby

With the 15th anniversary of Queer as Folk over the weekend, we reminded ourselves of the hotness of its star Charlie Hunnam, who we think you’ll agree is ageing like the fine wine that we wish we could afford.

In fact, he’s aged so well, we thought it only right that we dedicate another post to the 33-year-old actor.

Here’s another picture of Charlie in Pacific Rim last year.


Oh, and he’s also the star of FX’s Sons of Anarchy.


We’re kinda sad we won’t be seeing him do his thing in 50 Shades of Grey any more – he dropped out of the film shortly before shooting started, and was replaced by The Fall‘s Jamie Dornan.

ICYMI’s Andrew Hayden-Smith’s recalled the impact Queer As Folk had on him – it’s very touching.

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