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McBusted’s Harry Judd is our new aTEEN cover guy

By Attitude Magazine

McBusted star Harry Judd is the cover boy for our second-ever issue of aTEEN, the world’s first digital magazine just for young gay men, available now to download.

Amidst talking about the formation of McBusted (bringing together quality boy bands McFly and Busted), and touring the world with One Direction, we had to ask Harry about his undisputed status as the gay favourite of the group. After all, he’s taken his shirt off for Attitude readers more times than we’d care to count.

001_covers ATEEN

Harry, being lusted after by so many boys must get boring, no?

Not at all.

Do the other guys get pissed off that you have the gay vote?

Not really, we meet a lot of gay guys whose favourites are Dougie or Tom. It actually pisses me off. I want a monopoly on that market. Only joking. Kind of.

What do you think it is that guys like about you best? And do you play up to it?

I don’t know really, it’s not for me to say. I guess I do play up to it!

Do you feel obliged to take your shirt off?

Ha. Sometimes. At first it was uncomfortable but I don’t really care now. Some gay guys and women like it, some straight men want to know what workouts I do, and some people think I’m a douche for it –  but I know who I am and that’s what matters. I’m totally cool with the fact that I’m a douche.


Do you ever touch yourself and think – ‘wow, I’m really hot?’

If there is anyone’s in the world that does that I would recommend that they seek help for chronic narcissism.

Can your wife Issy keep her hands off you?? Does she realise that she’s the envy of thousands of guys?

She does realise this – but when she shows signs of forgetting I make her polish my Attitude Sexiest Man award and read my Attitude covers front to back.

When did you realise you were perceived as the hot one.

I don’t think I am really. We all have our fair share of fans. Personally I’m a Dougie kind of guy.

Obviously everyone loves your body? When did you start training – what was the main object?

I didn’t like being so skinny but I didn’t care enough to do anything about it. Then we all agreed before we released our album Above The Noise that we should make more of an effort to look good. So we got ourselves some PT’s and started exercising. Like a lot of things I got a bit obsessed with it and it’s become part of me life.

You can grab your copy of aTEEN issue two right now from The issue also includes interviews with the likes of Years & Years, Ben Cohen, Chris Mears – and TOWIE’s Vas Morgan.