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‘Ironclad 2’ star Tom Austen is all kinds of hot

By Josh Haggis

UK-Pub - 46-MG-6646Prod - IC2

Warner Bros action flick Ironclad 2: Battle for Blood is set for release on March 14 – and stars hot British actor Tom Austen, who you may recognise from E4’s Beaver Falls.

The film is a sequel to Ironclad, which was released back in 2011. It’s set in 13th century England and follows Tom’s (often shirtless) character as he tries to protect his family from marauding Celtic tribes.

Debating whether to catch it at cinema? You won’t be after seeing these pics…

UK-Pub - 47-MG-Prod - IC2

UK-Pub - 50-MG-6891Prod - IC2

UK-Pub - 49-MG-6852Prod - IC2

Shame it’s not in 3D…

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