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Gogglebox’s Chris and Stephen are stripped bare for new joint autobiography

By Will Stroude


favourites Stephen and Chris need to talk.

To you, that is, about their new book, We Need To Talk: The World According To Us.

But first we need a little moment to find out why the pair have been appearing nude in our newsfeeds dduring an otherwise respectable lunch hour (okay, so we had one Bloody Mary, but apart from that, respectable all the way).

It all started yesterday (September 27) when Stephen tweeted a naked snap of himself with nothing but copies of the pair’s new book to protect his modesty, joking they were “stripped bare” for it.

Parnter in crime Chris Steed followed suit today, joking that “anything you can do i can do better.”



“Needed more books to hide my modesty”, he added.

Boys boys boys.

The Gogglebox’s funny boys are known for their outrageous humour, filthy language and adorable sausage dogs, and shocked many a viewer after revealing that they’re not actually a couple – not anymore, at least.

While they might now both be happily engaged to their respective partners, the chemistry they still share as friends has seen them become two of the show’s most popular personalities.


Their new memoir recounts not only their surprising rise to fame, but also touching topics such as childhoods, family plans, and daily struggles we all face. Notorious for speaking their minds and their witty rapport, we expect to be head over heels with the book as much as with them.

Fun, frank and ridiculous, Stephen and Chris’s We Need to Talk: The World According to Us is perfect reading for any Gogglebox fan. It’s available in stores and online, RRP £14.99.


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