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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ star discusses stereotype-smashing gay character with Attitude

By Will Stroude

This article contains spoilers that some viewers of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ may wish to avoid.

The first series of The Walking Dead’s darker spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead, introduced us Victor Strand – a cunning, manipulative, but sometimes reluctantly heroic character, who was revealed to have been in a same-sex relationship during season two.

Even in 2016, having LGBT characters take centre stage rarer than it should be. So we caught up with actor Colman Domingo to talk about h0w his character is breaking ideas about what LGBT characters can do on screen, and what it means for both the small screen and the real world to have LGBT characters take centre stage.

“LGBT characters have. broadly, been stereotyped, and we haven’t seen three-dimensional characters very often” Domingo tells us.

“They’re not just the funny friend or someone who does make-overs. They’re complex human beings who have pulse and a life like everyone else.”

He continues: “For me, it’s about seeing a character who’s complex in every single way. There’s an ambiguity about him as there are many more colours and levels to sexuality and gender expression. That’s what I’m interested in.”


Gay story lines in the past have notably caused drama and often turmoil, and as such have often been used as a shock factor employed by writers and producers to raise ratings and viewers. But for Victor, sexuality is almost incidental.

“Even as the actor playing him, I don’t think its a big deal that Victor is in a same-sex relationship,” Domingo says.

“He’s actually done a lot more than that before you find out that he’s in a same-sex relationship. It shows who we are in the world now – that gay and lesbian characters needn’t be on the sidelines but at the centre of a story.”


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