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Ellen recruits hot hunks to rip their shirts off on Ellen DeGeneres show – WATCH

By Joshua Haigh

Ellen DeGeneres knows exactly how to please her fans.

The chat show host drove her audience mad after recruiting two hunks to rip their shirts off and help her with a small surprise.

DeGeneres began by revealing how several NBA players are having trouble with their Nike uniforms which are too tight and ripping during their games (we’re not complaining).

The chat show host then announced that she’s making Nike the official sponsor of her hunks, before calling on two men to run onstage in Nike clothing.

The hunks proceed to rip their shirts off, showing just how easily Nike clothing tears, before Ellen pulled their trousers even lower.

But there was more as Ellen said: “I didn’t bring you out here just to take off your shirts.”

She added that she needed their help with something that’s “almost as spectacular as your pecs.”

As one of the models, Dusty, ran off stage, Ellen unveiled her brand new slots game, but tbh were too distracted with her shirtless hunks.

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