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Drag king CHIYO delivers striking lip-sync to Kanye West and Britney Spears ‘Toxic/Power’ mash-up

The performer and My Gay England finalist is questioning power for Attitude's Superdrag Lip-sync, supported by Slingsby.

By Alastair James

CHIYO proves once again that how drag kings are killing the game as the east London performer takes on the Y2K and Alexander Lewis remix of the Britney Spears classic, ‘Toxic’ and Kanye West’s ‘Power’.

CHIYO, who last year became the first trans finalist in the Mr Gay England competition, delivers a moody performance that speaks to challenging the critics for Attitude’s Superdrag Lip-sync, supported by Slingsby.

Explaining his choice of song to Attitude, the 24-year-old says: “Honestly, the song was sent to me by another drag artist – Margo Marshall. She just knew that remix was perfect for me, and when things like that come from [people] who work the scene: people you admire, people in the community you cherish, fellow drag things – it just hits different.”

“It proper warmed my heart. This remix is powerful. It’s ferocious. But it’s also quite camp. Ain’t that really what Pride is fundamentally about? Not this song, per se, but those vibes.

“When I think of Pride I think of rage, protest, revolutions… but I also think of excessive makeup and a s*** tonne of rhinestones!”

CHIYO also says that he will always see Pride as a protest, and how “in the commercial sense” Pride means nothing if companies “realises that we have value” for one month of the year.

He adds: “Pride isn’t parading around in jockstraps and muscle tops, it’s kicking out the TERFS [Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminists] that try [to] crash the party because there is no community without trans-magic.”

Speaking to Attitude last November, CHIYO said he wanted to shake things up after being suggested for the Mr Gay England competition by gay haven and venue, The Glory.

“At the time, I still hadn’t had my chest reconstruction surgery and, even now, I have no interest in taking hormones. There is much to be said about the palatability of tolerated transness, and I guess seeing this beautiful team [The Glory] think I was worthy to be the next Mr Gay England really warmed me. So, I thought, f*** it, why not?”

“[However], I really underestimated how much I would care for what winning this competition would mean. My greatest fear now is that I will not be strong enough to persevere through the toxicities that can brew within the cis gay male community.”

“The people who take issue with me being visible in this space will tell you exactly how I am shaking things up. I am a trans man. I am also mixed-black African. I am not on hormones and I have no intention of getting any procedures done that may impact my WAP.”

Also taking part in the series is RuPaul’s Drag Race series 13 alum La La Ri, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK stars Baga Chipz and Asttina Mandella, as well as ShayShay, Cheddar Gorgeous and Barbs.

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