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Colton Haynes on his divorce from Jeff Leatham: ‘I had to fall in love with myself first’

The ‘Arrow’ star shares his battle with drink and drug addiction in Attitude's 25th Anniversary issue

By Steve Brown

Colton Haynes says he will ‘always love’ his soon to be ex-husband Jeff Leatham as the divorce process gets underway.

The Teen Wolf star married in October 2017, but after six months together, Haynes filed for divorce citing “irreconcilable differences”.

The couple were reportedly attempting to work through their problems with Jeff visiting his estranged husband on the set of Arrow to celebrate his 30th birthday.

Court documents filed by Jeff in December 2018 revealed Colton had been served with a preliminary declaration of disclosure, meaning Jeff had handed over financial information to the actor.

In Attitude’s exclusive interview with Colton in our 25th Anniversary issue – which is available to download and buy now – the actor says they will always be in each other’s lives and that the divorce was “not anyone’s else fault” but their own.

“I will always love Jeff [Leatham]. He’s an incredible person. The most talented person I’ve ever met. So loving. You know, people grow apart. There would never be a bad thing I could say about him,” he tells Attitude. 

Speaking exclusively to Attitude about a dark battle with drink and drug addiction that resulted in four months in rehab last year, a now sober Colton says he needed to focus on his own wellbeing.

“I just had to fall in love with myself and put myself and my life first,” he continues. 

“We rushed into a lot of things, and it was extremely public which was a massive, massive problem with our relationship. But that’s not anyone else’s fault, that’s our fault.

“We put it out there, we became that Instagram couple, and we weren’t able to keep it going.

“The divorce is not final yet, but it’s in process. We’re always going to be friends and in each other’s life. What that’s going to look like in the future, I don’t know.

“We’re not putting too much pressure on it. I have so much love for our relationship.

“The good thing that came from me being in a relationship, even though it very publicly didn’t end the way we wanted, was that I was able to find myself. He was always supportive and made me feel special.”

You can read Colton’s full interview in Attitude’s 25th Anniversary issue – out now.

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