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Drag Race UK’s Danny Beard defends Sam Smith against body-shaming critics: ‘I’m sick of seeing this trash’

"I’m kind of sick, as a bigger queer, of seeing this trash about Sam Smith"

By Dale Fox

Danny Beard and Sam Smith (Images: Provided/Atlantic)
Danny Beard and Sam Smith (Images: Provided/Atlantic)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK series 4 winner Danny Beard has spoken out against critics of Sam Smith’s appearance.

In an interview with Attitude, the star opined that they’re “so pleased that Sam isn’t bowing down.”

Singer Sam has been facing criticism for their physical appearance during their Gloria tour, which is currently postponed due to illness.

The star has also been subjected to increasing fat-phobic and transphobic comments over their ‘I’m Not Here To Make Friends’ video.

“It’s this weird rhetoric of: ‘What about the children?’” – Danny Beard

Danny told Attitude in an exclusive interview: “I’m kind of sick, as a bigger queer, of seeing this trash about Sam Smith and having people on radio shows and crappy news channels that are full of Tory wankers debating whether Sam Smith should be able to perform with their top off at their own concert.”

Sam Smith
Sam Smith appears at London’s The O2 arena during their Gloria tour. (Image: Alamy)

Beard, who is currently touring their own solo singing show, added: “When Lady Gaga or Madonna or Matty Healy from The 1975 do weird shit, no-one says anything about kids. It’s always this weird rhetoric of ‘what about the children?’

“Not all entertainment is for children. Not every film is made for children. We don’t say, ‘Let’s ban all films around the world because some of the films are pornographic.’ It’s not how it works.

“Now, people are saying let’s ban drag. And it’s just ridiculous. I’m so pleased that Sam isn’t bowing down.”

Sam Smith says Gloria tour is “about freedom”

Appearing to defy critics, Smith told fans during the London leg of their Gloria tour: “This show is about many things, but at its core it’s about freedom.” Attitude reviewed the event, calling it “the next chapter in their voyage of queer liberation.”

The tour is due to head to Antwerp this week, after Smith cancelled a series of dates in the UK.

Danny’s tour – complete with live band – will be hitting Bristol next month, before heading to three other cities.